The trio of Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, and Jacksonville Beach run alongside 22 miles of beautiful coastline.

The Beaches area offers a range of activities including water sports, relaxation, nightlife, and family fun.

  • Atlantic Beach covers a 25 block stretch of the coast, bordered by the woods of Hanna Park and the Intracoastal Waterway. Oceanfront beach estates and smaller, cozy bungalows are intermixed with townhomes and duplexes, forming a tight-knit community. With landscaping and architecture that mix old and new Florida, Atlantic Beach embodies an appealing, relaxed atmosphere that attracts both residents and visitors alike.
  • Neptune Beach spans 2.5 square miles neighboring Atlantic Beach to the north and Jacksonville Beach to the south. Residents here take pride in their pedestrian-friendly roads and sustainable community growth initiatives. There is a healthy mix of coastal bungalows and oceanfront homes throughout Neptune Beach.
  • The southernmost part of the Beaches area is Jacksonville Beach, the most accessible stretch for families wanting to visit the ocean. “Jax Beach,” a hub for Northeast Florida visitors, offers many festivals, concerts and artisan shows throughout the year, along with plenty of opportunities for dining, shopping, golfing, water activities, and nightlife. Homeowners will find a mix of properties in the neighborhood, from shingled roof cottages and bungalows, to beachfront homes and oceanfront condos.

There are also many opportunities to own new construction at the Beaches.


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